BURCIN Inc. Boğaziçi University RC International Alumni

BURCIN, Bogazici University and Robert College(*) International Alumni Association, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state
of Texas. The mission of BURCIN is to help Bogazici University sustain an international standing as a worldclass academic, research and cultural institution.
Towards this end, BURCIN will promote academic, research and cultural programs between Bogazici University and other international institutions;
establish and nurture bonds among alumni, and between the alumni and the University; plan and execute programs by which members can assist the
University through financial, intellectual and personal service; pursue cooperative relationships with BUMED and other organizations that have similar
objectives; serve as a channel for companies and individuals who wish to assist in these goals; and provide assistance to the administration, faculty, and
students in their University related activities abroad.

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