BURCIN, Bogazici University and Robert College(*) International Alumni Association, Inc., is a nonprofit
501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Texas. The mission of BURCIN is to help Bogazici University sustain an international standing as a worldclass
academic, research and cultural institution.

Towards this end, BURCIN will promote academic, research and cultural programs between Bogazici University and other international institutions;
establish and nurture bonds among alumni, and between the alumni and the University; plan and execute programs by which members can assist the
University through financial, intellectual and personal service; pursue cooperative relationships with BUMED and other organizations that have similar
objectives; serve as a channel for companies and individuals who wish to assist in these goals; and provide assistance to the administration, faculty, and
students in their University related activities abroad. To achieve these goals, the programs and activities of BURCIN can be categorized as:
Industry Relations
BURCIN will serve to promote Bogazici University to industry worldwide in order to implement programs of cooperation. It will work to assist in the
establishment of coop
and work/study programs; seek funding for scholarships, grants, and contracts; arrange short courses, workshops and symposia;
conduct recruitment oriented activities such as job fairs or computer listings; promote the research potential of the University to industry; and assist
Bogazici University to get industrial funding through international partnerships, venture capital enterprises, and technology transfer.
Academic Relations
Similarly, BURCIN will ask its members in other academic institutions to promote Bogazici University, its students, and faculty. It will assist students
applying for graduate studies abroad by providing information; it will assist Bogazici University faculty in making arrangements for visiting positions or
sabbaticals, and help them establish closer ties with the alumni who work in academia; it will aid the formation of multiuniversity
research efforts or
centers; it will assist in organizing international scientific conferences; and it will interact with academic departments to address their specific needs in
relation to contacts with similar departments in other universities.
Government Relations
BURCIN will also promote Bogazici University to government and international agencies, and will serve to shape favorable opinion toward the University. It
will assist in applying for public funding sources to educational and research activities; and will alert the administration and faculty of the University to
existing grants and aid programs.
Individual Support
BURCIN will plan and execute programs by which its individual members can assist the University through various means. It will facilitate member support
and contributions to Bogazici University consistent with the diverse backgrounds and capabilities of its membership. Member support can take the form of

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