Privacy Statement

Your Privacy Matters
BURCIN has adopted these guidelines to ensure member privacy and protect personal data.
1. Information Collection and Use
We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (e.g., profile information) or allows us to contact you. Such information may be
requested when you join the Alumni Association ; register to enter a contest; update your membership profile, passwords and official alumni records;
register for a service; or access functionality that is specifically programmed for BURCIN members. Your profile information may be used for the following
To make the site easier for you to use and navigate
To help you quickly access services or information on
To help us create content relevant to you
To alert you to site updates, new features and BURCIN related benefits and offers
2. Profile Information Specification
BU/RC graduation year, department and degree are required information and shared with BUMED as they are used to confirm your status as alumni.

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