We need your support to enable today’s students to experience the same kind of pride that you have in your university where you experienced an enjoyable college life. Over half of the 1,600 new students that come in each year need scholarships. You can provide a scholarship either by choosing one of our annual scholarship options or by establishing a donation fund that will provide scholarships indefinitely in your name or on behalf of a loved one.
BURCIN has been providing scholarships to BU students since its beginnings and over a dozen students have benefitted from these grants.


Hamlin Hall was Boğaziçi University’s first building which is named after Dr. Cyrus Hamlin, the founder and first president of Robert College. Used as a dorm ever since it was built, Hamlin Hall is the most popular building on our campus. The building consists of living areas for students as well as a cafeteria, student clubs, study rooms, a school supply store, a barber, fast food stands and lodging for the head of the dorm.
BURCIN has provided significant funds for the renovation of this building restoring it to its original state.

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